The data dilemma

You know there is value hidden inside your organisation but you lack the time or knowledge to get the most out of it. You miss the big picture to support your strategic decisions or specific insights that can help you correct suboptimal practices. Sound familiar?

Our solution

We offer relevant insights based on your data. Our focus is personal service starting from your organisation's objectives.

We discuss the objectives together

During a free one-hour consult, we explore your company's objective. We want to understand how we can help in the best way as possible

We analyse the data

Our data experts study your data and highlight new insights that help you achieve your objectives.

We show results with impact on your company

We present the results in a way that allows you to take the right actions straight away.

Our partners and customers

Yes, we are a start-up but we also have a decade of experience with this kind of analysis. Below you can find some of our clients.

Our product

Like our insights, we like to keep our pricing simple and transparant.

Flat price
  • Free consult
  • Data scan
  • Actionable insights

Our team

Our fixers can do it all, but start with your data.

Jef Daniëls

Jef Daniëls

Engineer by trade, data lover by passion. Always ready to transform your data into clear insights.

Mitch Cap

Mitch Cap

Business coach – translates the insights to clear actions for you.

Don’t wait any longer.

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